Dwane Dixon - Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist

Dwane Dixon has dedicated his life to music. Born in Montreal Canada, Dwane has always had an affinity for music. At 9 years old, he began playing drums; at 12, he switched to guitar and at the tender age of 13, he joined his first band and started playing school gymnasiums and basement parties around his neighborhood. Now with over 1,000 shows and four albums under his belt, Dwane has traveled from St John’s to Vancouver and from New York to California. Now he and his powerhouse trio, including Max Pollack on bass and David Devine on drums, is poised to bring the Dwane Dixon signature style of  Rockin’ Roadhouse Blues to a whole new audience.

Dwane Dixon is no stranger to the blues, a motherless child at 6 years old and with the death of his father at 18, he set out on his own to fulfill his musical destiny.
After many years of paying dues in various bands of diverse styles and genres, Dwane released his first all-original blues album in 2013 entitled Black Satin Blues which was met with critical acclaim. Blues music critic and writer Peter Lauro called Dwane’s song, Long Way (From Loving You), “song of the year material”, music blogger Dan Brisebois said, “If Stevie Ray Vaughan, Billy Gibbons and Jeff Healey all lived in the same house, their next door neighbor would be Dwane Dixon.”

It is with renewed conviction that Dwane is now releasing a brand new album of all original blues compositions called Working Man Blues. In his own words he states, “I've played many different styles of music in my life most often just to make ends meet but I have always loved the blues and especially that magical era of the blues rock of the late 60's and 70's. I remember seeing BB King on television when I about five or six years old. Hearing his voice and the intensity with which he played his guitar was like being hit by a bolt of lightning. I didn’t know what I was watching but I knew it was like nothing I ever heard before. Later on as I started playing more and more blues, I knew that I wanted to make a contribution to the history of the music by composing new songs for each album instead of relying on classic favorites. I believe that this is the only way for blues to grow and thrive well into the future.”

Dwane Dixon has played all kinds of stages big and small including the Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Tremblant Blues Festival as well as headlining the first ever Montreal’s Ribfest in 2015 and a host of Bike & Tattoo festivals in Quebec and Ontario. In September 2015, Dwane Dixon Band has been featured 12 times at the Festival Western de St-Tite, Quebec, the biggest Western Culture Festival in Canada.

He was nominated for Show of the Year and his debut blues album “Black Satin Blues” was nominated for Blues Rock Album of the year at the Lys Blues Awards.

In the 90's Dwane studied classical music theory and composition under Wolfgang Bettenberg in Montreal. He has also worked for Sony Music as well as Paramount Pictures as a sound engineer.  He also released two albums in 2005 and 2008 under the band name Top Johnny!

Max Pollack - Bass/Vocals

Max Pollack calls Montreal, Canada home.  Some of his earliest childhood memories are of him telling his parents about the "symphonies" he hears in his head. Fast forward several years and Max, now a composer and multi-instrumentalist has settled on the bass as his musical messenger of choice.

Max has been exposed to a wide variety of musical genres, some likely before he even took his first breath...from the womb, feeling the ever present vibrations of the music of Bach and Beethoven, Jimi Hendrix and Led Zeppelin, along with countless others. His first musical awakening came early in life. "I can remember around the age of 5 when I first heard The Phantom Of The Opera...its musical power and chromatic melodies moved me in a profound way." He states, "My toy keyboard soon became my new best friend. It was my only gateway to this new, awe-inspiring discovery called music."

Years of classical piano lessons led him to taking up clarinet and tenor saxophone in high school which provided a solid musical base on which to build. He soon joined the high school big band and started to learn the basics of jazz, blues and improvisation where he later switched to double-bass. His musical experiences in high school provided a direct path for him to further his classical music studies at Vanier College, followed by a 3rd year technical diploma in jazz performance and composition. 

During his teens, Max found a new sound in music that really spoke to him. The Red Hot Chili Peppers and later Metallica and Nirvana provided the musical yang to his scholastic background. He relates,"All those funky & heavy bass lines really turned my world upside-down."

After his studies, Max began playing in various bands and ensembles, from the epic, experimental sounds of Montreal original band 'Confusion in Stereo' to various chamber music ensembles, small orchestras, reggae, blues and jazz outfits. He also has worked on his own original experimental hard rock project called Mia Vidi.

Max is always willing to 'plunge head first' into any song or style of music. It is
Max's tireless passion for music, his broad range of studies, along with his experience with a wide range of different styles of music that makes him the perfect match for the Dwane Dixon Band. With a wry grin he states, "Stay tuned, big sounds are coming to a speaker near you!"

David Devine - Drums

David Devine is a strong and talented, award winning musician and showman. He demonstrates great versatility in being able to adapt himself to any musical style or situation.

David started drumming at the age of 10. He learned the basics from his Father who was a professional jazz drummer and later studied serious drumming rudiments in a military style marching band. He has been part of many musical bands and ensembles over the years and in addition to the standard drum kit, he plays many different ethnic percussion instruments including the Cajon, Djembe, Darbouka and Wave drum.  Whether with sticks or bare hands David show his vast musical mastery being equally at ease jazz, rock, r&b, blues, funk, latin and African styles.

Over his long and decorated career he has had the chance to play with many well know Canadian artists such as, Myles Goodwin of April Wine, Sass Jordan, Nanette Workman, Jonas, Arianne Moffat, as well as members of Offenbach, Corbeau, Uzeb and the prestigious Oscar Peterson Trio.

David has played many stages big and small, live and on TV, including the Montreal International Jazz Festival, Le Cirque de Soleil, Just for Laughs Comedy Festival, Mont Tremblant Blues Festival, Toronto Caribbean Festival, as well as having spent time playing the Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Princess Cruise Lines Ships. David Devine now calls Dwane Dixon Band home. 

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